1. quick sketch of Cole before I learned facial structure again. Have this to show you guys I’m actually still working on things. v_v

  2. my panel entry for greatbiglyricstuck! Text left out for spoiler reasons. I’m very proud of the result in the end, so I figured I could post it seperately!

    The finished version will be up soon guys! I’m very excited and I hope you are too.

  3. ye two more, first attempt at angles.

    I’m sorry for the lack of proper art! it’s all warmup to something big - huge. B)

  4. conduit-of-breath:

    figured i could post this here too!

    Presentatie for janthflamestar@dA! (i dont know your tumblr url, if you have any im afraid)

  5. todays anatomy practice. I wasn’t really in the mood for it but the pose was cute and I wanted to try some hands yesterday, but I didn’t have enough time.

    Hands were much more difficult than I thought so I’ll practice on them

    All reference taken from posemaniacs

  6. 5 minute (9 and 7 for the females) anatomy practice. Reference taken from posemaniacs.

    the females proved to be quite a bit more difficult than the males so I’ll be working on those for a bit more. Pretty pleased with them overal

  7. I was against long, colored tounges until I drew it

  8. still trying to get comfortable with the watercolor tool
    so Cole will be my test subject

    i only just saw his head looks really weird i thought i fixed that but i didnt oOPS„

  9. the most decent half assed thing ive done in a long while

  10. stress relief as a break in between this godawful essay